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About Us


Safegide is a dentist owned company. 
The easiest and safest time to place an implant accurately without a CT scan is usually at the time of extraction - when the inside of a socket is visible.  Our kit is used to fabricate implant drill guides using open root sockets as a scaffold. A Safegide plastic insert with a metal sleeve is placed into open root sockets to record the size, direction and shape of the socket. The metal sleeve on the insert is bonded on to a pre-made splint. The ring in the splint is used to guide the drill immediately or after the socket has healed.
Now you can accurately drill the osteotomy and place an implant with the same ease and accuracy as placing it into an open socket.

Our goals are:

  • to make most implants do-able by more general dentists and for more patients by simplifying the process, reducing the costs, steps and procedure time
  • to provide quality equipment and courses at prices that are easily affordable.
  • to enable general dentists to safely do uncomplicated full sized implant cases.
  • to end the days of being married to implant companies.(Safegide is compatible with most implant manufacturers)
  • to stop referring out high dollar patients.
  • to stop losing patients to the implant centers.
  • to increase dentists income while doing lower risk, excellent dentistry
  • to reduce the dependence on CT scans for implant planning, and provide an acceptable alternative.
Safegide’s guided surgery products will speed up and simplify most implant cases. The system is affordable even if you have very few implant patients. There are more Safegide technologies coming that will change the way you do dentistry. 

Howard Katz DDS, General Dentist
President, Founder of Safegide 

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