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Safegide courses are titled:

Safer, Easier and Less Expensive Implants for GPs, Hands-on Workshop

Safegide's One Day Hands-on Program. Tuition $1495 includes a 40 case kit plus a UV oven.

You will learn:

  • How to make an accurate guide in 10 minutes without a CT scan or your dental lab.
  • How to place single and multiple tooth replacements in one visit with full sized dental implants
  • When and when not to refer,or, how to be succesful 100% of the time
  • The advantages of not selecting undersized dental implants
  • Requirements for immediate placement after extraction
  • Calculating implant and healing cap size
  • Minimal bone requirements
  • Ideal spacing, tooth-to-implant and implant-to-implant
  • The secrets to immediate loading and bone density
  • Reducing healing time (and less pain) for your patients
  • How to stop referring out all implants
  • Surgical flaps or tissue punches
  • The correct pre- and post-op x-ray of the implants
  • The threshold for angled abutments
  • Easy pre-op verification to prevent failure
  • What to do with very soft or very dense bone
  • X-rays or CT scans?
  • Avoiding sinus lifts
  • Successful implants using an endo handpiece without coolant


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