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Safegide wants all general dentists to safely introduce uncomplicated guided implant dentistry into their offices. We know we can reduce your risks and costs associated with implant planning.Click here to find out more.

If you want to start doing implants now prior to investing in a CT Scan System or you are looking for another method to create a fast, accurate guide, Safegide will provide you the clinical confidence you are looking for to launch your implant placement practice – giving you a level of confidence and affordability that both you and your patients will enjoy.

Best of all you will not not have to learn any new skills. The straightforward,  3-step process is so intuitive it’s as if you have done it for years.                   

  1. place a pre-made splint or jig over the teeth and socket (make a hole in the jig above the socket)        
  2. place an insert (it looks like a plastic implant with a metal sleeve) through the hole in the jig into the open socket
  3. bond the metal sleeve on the insert to the jig. (Dispose of the insert) Done!

 Our kits are affordable even if you only do very few implants in your career.

Now you can use your regular dental x-ray machine to make incredibly accurate 3D guides in minutes (rather than weeks) at the chair side (rather than paying a dental laboratory) at an exceptionally low price. X-ray records and clinical photos taken while using the Safegide kit will satisfy the claim requirements of those insurance companies that pay for implant guides.