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The safest time to place an implant with the least dependence on a CT scan is into an open root socket straight after tooth extraction. The implant can be placed to mimic the exact position of the removed root. By using the socket space to contain the implant it is easier to avoid contacting any adjacent structures like nerves, blood-vessels, sinuses and cortical plates. All implants should be positioned with the final replacement crown in mind.The tooth that will be placed on the implant in the socket should then have a similar position and have identical occlusion to the lost tooth.

When an implant procedure is not done straight after tooth extraction, the site rapidly heals. It becomes difficult to guess precisely where to drill, how deep to drill and at what angle. Hence the necessity for a CT scan if you have not recorded the socket data when it was easy to see into the socket. 

The inserts in the Safegide Kit allow dentists to record the dimensions and location of the socket straight after the extraction process. Dentists can use open sockets as a scaffold to make implant drill guides.

Differently shaped inserts in the kit determine desired trajectories of guides made with the kit.

Guides made with kit dictate the location, trajectory and dimensions of the osteotomy for an implant in the exact or better location than within a socket of a lost tooth.

This simple solution will let you do guided implants in your dental office today - with less dependence on a CT scan and less dependence on a dental laboratory. One case pays for the entire kit. Every day without a Safegide Kit is probably costing you. 

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The Safegide reduction drilling sleeve tool used to stabilize and center multiple drill sizes in the implant guide accepts 6 drill sizes while holding the tongue and cheek out the way.

Safegide's groundbreaking technology was recently recognized as one of the top consumer products in the world for 2012 - not only in dentistry. Safegide was proud to present its solution to guided implant surgery at Northrop Grumman's World's Best Technology Showcase on October 24 – 26, 2012 in San Diego.

The Greater New York Dental Meeting, the largest dental convention and showcase in the USA invited Safegide to present 2 courses on Safegide's groundbreaking technologies.

Safegide will work with you to retain patients and treatments in your practice, to reduce your overhead and reduce many of the unnecessary referrals you are currently making.

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Instructions for use are available using the VIDEO link at the bottom of the page, as well as on You tube. We also offer free technical support.  Email us your contact email address or Skype name to set up an appointment.

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